This Devilish 136HP Drag-Racing R 1250 RS Is BMW-Approved

If you’re familiar with Greek myth, you’re probably aware that Achilles was a legendary warrior whose only vulnerability could be found at the base of his heel. It’s also a fitting name for this aggressive, custom BMW R 1250 RS drag bike — apart from one glaring issue: we’re pretty sure this motorcycle has no weaknesses.

Built to compete in the Sultans of Sprint eighth-mile drag-racing competition, BMW Motorrad actually donated this bike to Philipp Ludwig and his Kraftstoffschmiede workshop personally. And to make sure it was as perfect as could be, Ludwig called upon help from Krzysztof Szews of Man & the Machines. Together, the shops transformed the already-impressive 136-horsepower performance bike into the magnificent street shark you see before you. After stripping it down to just the rolling chassis and engine, they installed a massive front wheel; gave it an aerodynamic, 3D-printed, carbon fiber-reinforced fairing; an all-aluminum modified tail end that gives the impression of an extended swingarm and hides a Nitrous Oxide tank; a seat monocoque; and so much more. This project was so successful, the two builders are already planning more under the name Rennstall Moto. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

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