BMW Orion Streamliner

All Photos: Mehmet Doruk Erdem

Turkish designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem can see the future. At least that’s what we hope is the case regarding this BMW Orion Streamliner concept. He specializes in automotive and industrial design and now appears to have married the two in a mean yet curvy two-wheeled concept we all can appreciate.

In what looks to be a leather seat that’s been form fitted to the bike’s curvature, this looks like one of the more comfortable rides around, even keeping things relatively dry and balanced thanks to the bike’s extended dustbin fairing on both the front and the rear end of the bike. A lone headlight, soft rear taillights and powerful BMW engine give this ride a streamlined appearance, while the black paint job with silver accents keep things smooth, clean and classy. We’re sure BMW would approve and hope to see these on the road in the not-to-distant future.

BMW Orion Streamliner 2

BMW Orion Streamliner 3