BMW Motorrad X2City Electric Scooter

BMW and the company’s sub-brands like to be at the forefront of innovation as much as possible. Even if that means creating something as questionable at first glance as, say, a kick-scooter. You should reserve your judgement, however, because the X2City isn’t just a Razor for adults – it’s an excellent electric last-mile/short commute vehicle that requires no license to operate.

That’s right. Because of this device’s format and performance specs, it requires no license or even a helmet for any riders over the age of 14. But it’s still plenty useful, as the electric scooter can travel at speeds up to 15 mph and will give you up to 22 miles of travel per charge. And, not only are those figures better than many ebikes on the market, but the X2City also folds down to a format smaller than them, too. That means easier storage, less hassle, and more available daily space in your primary vehicle – still with the added benefit of speedy traffic-free travel. No price has been fixed yet, but BMW promises that it will be below $2,850 when the scooter hits the market. Watch out, ebikes – BMW is coming for you.

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