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The ‘Bauhaus 100’ Custom Moto Salutes A Century Of Minimalism

The Bauhaus Art School has become synonymous with the world’s most influential cultural movements. This year, it’ll be celebrating its 100th birthday. Design firms from every corner of the planet have created their own homages to the formative school — across mediums like automobiles, industrial manufacturing, and product design. Now, Germany’s Krautmotors, a motorcycle-faring shop from the heart of Heidelberg, has introduced a mesmerizing cycle into the mix — an F 850 GS platform known as the ‘Bauhaus 100.’

The Bauhaus 100 is built around BMW Motorrad’s iconic F 850 GS engine — utilizing geometric shapes, patterns, and linework to reference the art school’s minimalistic teachings. The firm’s head, Rolf Reick, spent over half a year creating the bike, implementing hand-made body panels, a custom-built tank, and tailored peripherals like a new exhaust system, fork, and seat. However, the 100’s standout modification lies in its revised R60/6 frame — a simplistic, skeleton-like structure inspired by Marcel Breuer‘s 1929 Lounge Chair.

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