BMW Motorrad Customizable ProRace Suit

When gearing up for a day at the track, BMW’s professional motorcycle racing team relies on the company’s preferred safety wear for a secure, protected ride. While their hi-tech bodysuits aren’t readily available to the public, all of that is about to change thanks to BMW Motorrad’s ProRace customizer — offering riders a new way to don their favorite gear and personalize it to their liking.

The newly introduced BMW Motorrad ProRace suit is now available through the company’s intuitive customizer, allowing interested parties to chose from an extensive list of colors, safety peripherals, patches, and architecture to create their very own racing garb. Perforated leather adorns the suit’s chest, arms, and thighs, while a back-protector vest, NP Pro protector pouch, and a slew of other customizable options bring the ultimate, personalized safety experience to the user. As a standard, the suit will feature protective sliders and padding on the knees, hips, elbows, and shoulders, with the option of additional reinforcement in other areas of the outfit. While pricing hasn’t been revealed for the ProRace quite yet, you can head over to Gimoto and BMW’s online customizer to create your very own suit and send a request for a quote.

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