BMW Motorrad ‘Birdcage’ By Revival Cycles

BMW’s title as one of Germany’s premier automotive manufacturers wasn’t earned overnight — the company has been producing award-winning vehicles, motors, and consumer products for over a century. In the 1960s, they developed the iconic BMW Motorrad boxer engine — and now, the two-wheeled customizers at Revival Cycles are paying homage to the legendary powerplant the only way they know how.

To house BMW Motorrad’s monstrous new boxer prototype engine, Revival set out to reinterpret the way a traditional motorcycle is built. Utilizing an entirely bespoke titanium frame that was hand-crafted in-house, the Texas-based moto company pieced together a “transparent” frame — allowing BMW’s motor to shine as a centralized piece of architecture. Inspired by the sheer size and aesthetic appeal of the engine, the builders referenced Ernst Henne’s record-setting platforms from the early 1900s for ideas on how they’d like to format the bike’s stature, resulting in a beautifully oriented, minimalist frame and an obscure angular design principle. To ensure that the bike would be ready in time for admittance into 2019’s Handbuilt Show, Revival knocked out the entire construction in just under five months.

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