BMW Mark II Series by Diamond Atelier

Diamond Atelier is fairly new on the scene of customized bikes, established on a warm summer’s night in 2013. Their goal was to break into the cafe racer scene, shaking things up a bit and adding a little something different to the status quo. And by the looks of their Mark II Series Cafe Racer, their goals appear to be in line with their work product.

The Mark II embraces the classic Cafe Racer look in conjunction with Diamond Atelier’s signature low-slung styled silhouette. They also had BMW Motorrad designer Julian Weber take part in the action as well. They will be offering 10 units for sale, with each bike available in one of three stages, categorized by the offered equipment but not its appearance, and based on the BMW 2-Valve Monolever generation with either an 800cc or 1000cc engine, included in the final price. For more information on the three stages offered for this sleek beauty, be sure to visit their site. Prices start at $24,200. [Purchase]