BMW M4 GTS Coupe Concept

Aug 18, 2015

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The typical BMW coupe doesn’t have a spectacular design, and mostly feels expected, ordinary. But the company’s M division has stepped their game up with a new concept car, the BMW M4 GTS coupe.

Immediately noticeable about the M4 GTS concept is its injection of color, sporting a cool metallic Dark Gray with Acid Orange details like rims and trim. Despite its aggressive look, which includes a manually adjustable front splitter and a rear wing, the M4 GTS is still entirely road-legal. It uses a carbon fiber-reinforced hood that lowers the car’s weight and center of gravity. Although the changes in its design are relatively small, they give the typical BMW coupe an entirely new aura. It features a water injection system which offers an output advantage of an added 10 percent in gains over its predecessor. The M4 GTS is more race-ready than the high-performance coupe it launched last year.

BMW M4 GTS Coupe Concept 2

BMW M4 GTS Coupe Concept 3

BMW M4 GTS Coupe Concept 4

BMW M4 GTS Coupe Concept 5

BMW M4 GTS Coupe Concept 6

BMW M4 GTS Coupe Concept 7

BMW M4 GTS Coupe Concept 8

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