BMW K100 Dual Motorcycles by Impuls

In the bike world, the K100 motorcycle is known as the awkward, difficult to restyle, yet powerful, member of the BMW family. That reality, however, didn’t stop Munich lawyer Phillip Wulk and graffiti artist/welder Matthias Pittner from giving these two BMW K100s the star treatment. Both gentlemen agreed to duplicate the bodywork of each K100, but then let two artists work on an individual bike to see what they could put together.

Free-reining artistic projects like these can get incredibly risky. However, from the looks of their finished products we’re sure Matthias and Phillip were pleased. Fabian Gatermann did the grey version, replicating the fuel tank and cowl in computer-aided design then hand-painting them with a polygon mesh. The other artist Matthias Edlinger combined paint and collages to create his desired effect.

Each bike got a new set of wheels as well. Waterman’s version is matched to a 17” spoke set with an R100R front and R1150GS rear wheel. Edlinger put the original K100 wheel up front and a K1100 wheel in the back. The K’s got some extensive wiring work done to them as well. Everything was tucked between the frame rails under the seat, contributing to the motorcycle’s clean appearance. Rubber mounted snap locks are also used to make this all accessible.

On to the engine where each artist re-routed the airtime and fitted a K&N filter. Each exhaust system was custom made as well though it’s currently too loud to be street legal in Germany. Aside from the artists’ interpretations, each bike was finished with black throughout in order to give it that sleek flat black appearance that’s so popular today. Both kits were on display at this years Lost Weekend in Munich. We look forward to seeing what this newly formed group of friends, now dubbed Impuls, comes up with in the future.

BMW K100 Duel Customization 1

BMW K100 Duel Customization 3

BMW K100 Duel Customization 7

BMW K100 Duel Customization 11