BMW’s iDrive 8 Operating System Takes Driver Assist To The Next Level

Even just a few years ago, autonomous cars seemed like little more than an impossible aspiration. However, since that time, automakers have developed their artificial intelligence technologies at an alarming rate, meaning that once cutting-edge features like automatic parking and lane correction are now standard fare in more vehicles than not.

Just take BMW, for example. With the unveiling of its iDrive 8 infotainment display, the Munich-based manufacturer has given us a preview of just how powerful its machine learning will be. Based on what the brand is calling the ‘BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant,’ it’ll offer both visual and auditory interaction with its users. And thanks to its improved contextual operation, it’ll even survey the on-road conditions before making any voice prompts, and will even take control of features such as ambient lighting, audio playback, and window operation so that the driver can keep their eyes on the road. But that’s not all — BMW has also added a ‘My Modes’ feature that enables access for up to 10 different customizable parameters affecting the interior cabin as well as the overall driving dynamics. Housed in a 12.3-inch fully-digital instrument panel and a 14.9-inch control screen, it’ll make its debut in the upcoming iX SUV.

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