BMW i8 LCD Key Displays Car’s Vital Signs

BMW i8 LCD Key 2
We covered BMW’s forthcoming i8 plug-in hybrid sports car previously, but we’ll be darned if the i8’s key doesn’t deserve its own spotlight. Yes, we said the key. Because this key is special, with its high resolution LCD displaying much of the vehicle’s vital signs at any time—your screen-viewing addiction just got worse.

Wanna know how much juice the i8 has left? Check the key. Wanna know if you can make it to the beach and back without any worries? The key displays the current capable range. It even indicates whether the vehicle is locked or not (Pro Tip: lock it.) BMW says i8 key uses Bluetooth Low Energy, so you won’t have to worry about much battery drain when you’re outside of your car. We’re expecting the BMW i8 this spring for $136,000.

BMW i8 LCD Key 1