BMW i8 E.N. ARMY Edition

BMW’s affinity for ultra-modern design wasn’t wasted on the i8 — one of the brand’s most notorious hybrid sports cars. And while the vehicle itself already challenges the norm when it comes to futuristic examples, Japan-based tuner EVE.RYN has decided to further remove the sporty platform from the manufacturer’s anachronistic facade.

Behold EVE.RYN’s i8 E.N. ARMY Edition — a breathtaking revision of the already immaculate hybrid electric sports vehicle. A bespoke front bumper, carbon fiber intakes, gold wheels, flared wheel arches, and a modified rear buttresses give the car a distinct look, while a matte-green paint job and E.N. ARMY branding on the vehicle’s rear visors offer a decidedly tactical feel. Performance-wise, EVE.RYN opted to leave the powertrain as-is — but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate the platform’s already boisterous 369 horsepower — especially with so many weight-conscious upgrades. To round out the adversarial i8, a bespoke carbon fiber diffuser and rear wing have been implemented alongside the car’s numerous aerodynamic upgrades.

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