BMW Converts Its i3 Into A Boutique Hotel-Inspired Lounge On Wheels

Throughout automotive history, the concept of ultra-luxurious rolling lounges is nothing new, though they’ve traditionally taken the form of massive boat-like models from marques like Maybach, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley. The design team at BMW recently turned the idea of a lounge-style luxury vehicle on its head with the reveal of the Bavarian brand’s new i3 Urban Suite Concept.

Slated to make its official public debut at the upcoming 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the concept is based on BMW’s compact electric car. Aside from a unique livery, the carbon fiber and aluminum-framed model goes unchanged on the outside. Inside, however, all that remains of the production model is the driver’s seat, controls, and dash, with everything else having been removed from the car’s surprisingly roomy interior. Inspired by boutique hotels, the four-wheeled lounge now boasts a large modern take on a mid-century modern-style armchair and matching ottoman, as well as a side table and lamp, and a screen that folds down from the headliner and is complemented by a “personal sound zone.” Leading up to CES, BMW converted a small fleet of the stock model into i3 Urban Suites, all of which will be shipped to Vegas where they can be summoned for rides via an Uber-style app.

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