BMW i Develops An EV-Powered Wingsuit Capable Of Gaining Altitude Mid-Flight

Quite possibly more so than any other major manufacturer on earth, BMW has been making tremendous strides to push the technological envelope, from advanced onboard electronic pilot assists to the world’s first hybrid supercar. However, the Bavarian brand’s latest proton-powered project sees the company take things in an unexpected direction, with the introduction of the world’s first electrified wingsuit.

Born out of a collaboration between the German manufacturer’s BMW i division and Designworks, the suit is worn by seasoned professional base jumper and skydiver Peter Salzmann and allows the Austrian daredevil to perform jumps that wouldn’t be possible using a regular wingsuit. Using a battery-powered propulsion system, the suit affords its wearer the ability to gain altitude. To bring this cutting-edge contraption to fruition, BMW i offered up access to its renowned team of electrical engineers and material experts, along with its advanced development facilities. To demonstrate the unique capabilities of the powered wingsuit, BMW arranged a jump for Salzmann that involves climbing up over several skyscrapers. To learn more about the project or to see footage of Salzmann’s mind-blowing jump, you can check out the link or video below.

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