BMW GS Adventure ‘001’ By Whitcraft Services

You’d think that after seeing so many excellent custom motorcycles, we’d be a bit jaded by the prospect. And we think that too, right up until we stumble upon another stellar bike. Such is the case with the ‘001’ BMW GS Adventure motorcycle from Whitcraft Services.

Designed specifically to be lightweight and minimalist without sacrificing on styling, this R1150GS Adventure was an excellent starting point, but still needed some extensive work to get it ready for the road. For instance, it was fitted with a new externally located fuel system created to allow for quick tank removal. Other upgrades consist of the overhaul of the bike’s injectors – including the addition of an aerospace-grade fuel pressure regulator – 90% brand-new and reworked wiring, an integrated smartphone system to make up for a complete lack of gauges and displays, and custom leather upholstery. And that’s just the beginning of the work that went into this beautiful bike. Best part is, you can get ahold of Whitcraft and purchase this bike or a similar custom job for yourself.

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