BMW F22 Eurofighter by HGK Motorsport

All Photos: Jordan Butters Photography

Latvian aftermarket tuner HGK Motorsport is in the business of building BMW race cars. They’ve toyed around with just about every trim and model imaginable, except for the 2 Series F22 chassis. So, in their efforts to maintain an authoritative reputation, HGK decided to give the 2-Series a try. And by the looks of the final product, we think it’s safe to say they nailed this one.

The modified Beemer sports an army green Kevlar exterior that’s as sleek as it is menacing. HGK Motorsport built-out this BMW for drifting so they removed the front and rear slam panels and replaced them with custom, removable crash bars as well as a fabricated roll cage built to Formula Drift specifications. And since some additional power was needed under the hood – it is a race car after all – HGK hooked up the 2-Series with a 6.2.-liter LS V-8 crate engine normally found in a Chevrolet Corvette, providing the vehicle with 820 ponies user the hood and 679 pound-feet of torque. Needless to say, this BMW tears up the asphalt. Just check out the video below for evidence.