BMW Cruise M Bike ‘Long Beach Blue’

On the tails of releasing their brand new M2 coupe, BMW has launched a special edition ‘Long Beach Blue’ run of their M bicycle. That’s right – the revered German auto maker also has a line of pedal-powered 2-wheelers in their stable – and they do not disappoint.

This cruiser has all the features you’d expect from a BMW; it’s stylish, sleek, and built with only the best components. As comfortable as it is speedy, the M bike is great for cruising around town or for taking out on longer rides. With its powdered blue frame decked out with Shimano components from the disc-compression brakes to the cranks and gear-shifters, you’ll be good to go wherever the road takes you. Only 1500 of these will be sold at select BMW dealers, each of which will sell for $1,500. [Purchase]

Limited Edition BMW Cruise M Bike 1

Limited Edition BMW Cruise M Bike 2

Limited Edition BMW Cruise M Bike 3