BMW Concept Path 22

European surfing and BMW scramblers. “What are things that don’t seem to go together, Alex?” That answer might’ve been good for $300 in the past, but not now, as BMW Motorrad has unveiled its first ever scrambler, the Concept Path 22.

Based on the Rnine T and featuring an adjustable aluminum and leather surfboard holder, this bike looks like what Elvis would’ve rode to the beach on in Blue Hawaii. It features a two-cylinder boxer engine with cardan drive, single-side swing arm rear suspension, classic circular headlamp, new tank and seat, studded tires, stainless steel scrambler-style Akrapovic tailpipes, turn signals built into the handlebar ends, and milled aluminum wheels. It’s all topped off with a playful paint job by Ornamental Conifer and a pair of surfboards designed by Dyer Brand. The name “Path 22” refers to a semi-secretive spot for surfers; a stretch of beach on the Atlantic coast of southern France that’s inaccessible to cars.

BMW Concept Path 22 2

BMW Concept Path 22 3

BMW Concept Path 22 4

BMW Concept Path 22 5