BMW’s 530HP Electric Concept i4 Gran Coupe Is Here To Take On Tesla

BMW hasn’t placed a huge emphasis on the production of electric vehicles, especially when compared to their industrial counterparts. But, thanks to a recent announcement from the company in lieu of Geneva’s cancellation, it seems that a replacement for the dated i3 platform is in the works — a formidable challenger to Tesla’s Model 3, and a window into the outfit’s newly-adopted design directive.

Enter the BMW Concept i4, the company’s response to the ever-changing automotive market and its adaptation of angular design principles into those of a much sleeker variety. At an attractive 530 horsepower, the electrified “Gran Coupé” isn’t lackluster when it comes to performance, rocketing from 0-60mph in under four seconds, but securing a somewhat nominal top speed of 124mph. According to WLTP testing, the vehicle can travel up to 373-miles before needing to recharge, but actual road-faring use might cause that to dwindle. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Concept i4, however, is its all-encompassing grille, which houses a variety of sensors and serves to protect the car’s “intelligence panel” — a concealment and cooling method for its battery tech. The i4 is slated to enter production in 2021.

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