BMW’s Concept 4 Is A Sleek Turbocharged Sport Coupe

When it comes to aesthetics, BMW has never been known to shy away from radical ideas. The company’s M3 is one of the most ambitious body styles of all time, and a lauded platform within the industry thanks to its sleek appearance. For better or for worse, the company’s recently revealed Concept 4 is a modest departure from the company’s stylistic underpinnings; but, it seems to work in the BMW’s favor.

The Concept 4 is a precursor to the German manufacturer’s upcoming 4-Series lineup and solicits a relaxed, albeit expressive silhouette, setting it apart from the company’s other offerings. It boasts the company’s large, domineering kidney grille, beautiful curvature, and gill-like air intakes, giving it a look all its own. Performance specifications are sparse, but the vehicle is rumored to take on the same turbocharged inline-six M440i engine as BMW’s 3-Series, meaning it’ll have more than enough power to keep driver’s satisfied as they speed through their favorite back roads. You can learn more about the upcoming Concept 4 on BMW’s website.

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