BMW Aurora Concept Motorcycle

In a world full of intriguing concepts, it’s hard to bring something truly unique to the table. That isn’t the case with Mehmet Doruk Erdem, a designer who has consistently made the motorcycle community’s front page with his insanely pleasing renders. His newest project, titled Aurora, is an immaculate BMW R nineT that’s been converted into the perfect road weapon.

Aurora is a project that was commissioned by Istanbul’s GB Motobike, who asked Erdem to conceptualize an aggressive, street-oriented take on the agile 1,170cc scrambler. The result is this mindblowing silver and black beast, complete with a low slung stance and a menacing front-end profile that’s a slick departure from the original four-part aluminum chassis. The fuel tank and tail of the original nineT have been incorporated into the futuristic build, but the majority of the bike’s panel and metalwork has been redone in an attempt to bring something to the table that has never been done before — a truly unique offering that breaks free of the bike’s traditional, scrambler-based confines.

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