BMW Apollo Streamliner Concept Motorcycle

You might see the BMW Apollo Streamliner concept motorcycle and think “How the hell can anyone steer that?”… and you might be right, but then again, isn’t the “How-the-hell?” factor part of the fun with concepts?

Turkey-based industrial designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem has created this stunner for BMW, with the impossibly futuristic front end looking like it’d make corner-turning damn near impossible, though admittedly gorgeous. Of course the goal of this bike is likely more about knocking down straightaway speed records (and looking crazy cool in the process) than navigating city streets. The visual highlights include the brown saddle, exposed engine and rear suspension, and of course the sloping front section that covers the front wheel. All of it would clearly turn heads, if not corners.

BMW Apollo Streamliner Concept Motorcycle 2

BMW Apollo Streamliner Concept Motorcycle 3