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Behold The Gorgeous 8 Series Shooting Brake We Wish BMW Would Build

If you’re looking for performance, you’ll certainly find it in today’s BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe, especially in the 617-horsepower M8 Competition version. But if you’re looking for more idiosyncratic styling that goes beyond a luxury four-door sedan, you’ll have to go elsewhere. Like, perhaps, to the Instagram account of designer SugarDesign, who has whipped up a killer BMW 8 Series Gran Turismo shooting brake concept.

The front-end styling of the concept is, for better or worse, about the same as what you’ll find in today’s 8 Series. But once you get past the front door, things get a lot more interesting. There, you’ll quickly notice the lack of a rear door, making this GT a true two-door shooting brake. You’re then treated to a beautifully curved and elongated roofline that transitions perfectly to the rear fascia, creating an almost fastback effect — no small feat in a wagon. This thing looks extremely fast just sitting still, and assuming it’s packing the same twin-turbo V8 engine as the M8 Competition Gran Coupe (we like to think it is), it has ample power to back up its appearance. Would BMW ever actually make such a GT wagon? Probably not, but if they do, they’ve got one heck of a blueprint right here.

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