Blue Origin’s Lunar Lander Will Help Humans Live In Space

We’ve all been waiting for mankind’s triumphant return to the Moon, and the new spacecraft design unveiled by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will bring us one step closer to that lofty goal. The Blue Origin Blue Moon Lunar Lander will help us realize our sci-fi dreams of building space colonies.

In development for the past three years, the Blue Moon will be able to bring Americans adventurers back to the gray surface by 2024. The spacecraft will be built to navigate space autonomously and soft-land 3.5 to 6.5 metric tons of payload. It’s capable of hauling up to four large rovers, which can take off from the lander and carry passengers. The lander will be housing a high-tech engine dubbed the BE-7, which will have its first ignition test in the summer. With the Blue Moon Lunar Lander in the pipeline to be constructed, our multi-generation vision of living in space may come to fruition.

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