BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch

We hear from lots of ambitious companies with ‘cutting edge’ technology, but to be honest, very few of them end up sticking around. Blocks, however, is one of the few that has managed to take their exciting Kickstarter idea – a modular smartwatch – from exciting idea to the showroom floor at this year’s CES.

More than just being a functional smartwatch with all the capabilities you’d expect – a fitness tracker, Alexa integration, and smartphone notifications – this thing can accomodate special smart modules. These extra pieces attach to the main watch unit and include a GPS device, flashlight, heart rate sensor, programmable button, extra battery, and more. Extra modules are available for purchase for $35 each, and are engineered to be totally dust and waterproof. Pre-orders are open now with shipping slated for early this year.

Purchase: $260