Blloc Minimalist Smartphone

With new iterations of smartphones emerging every other week, boasting new tech and hardware, rendering their predecessors obsolete and consigning them to the scrap heap, some have been clamoring for a less complicated approach to smart phones. Blloc offers a departure from the tech-swarmed smartphone market with their Blloc Minimalist smartphone.

It’s odd to see something so inextricable from technology marketing itself as a “return to our roots.” But it speaks to the convolution and technological gratuity in the smart tech market that a lower-key smartphone is viewed as something organic. You can’t knock the mission from Blloc, which is to curb tech overuse and even addiction to technology and social media. An efficient, if spartan, OS puts the focus on the people in your contacts book, and a simple messaging system removes users from spurious interactions, regrounding them in meaningful communication. Blloc’s interface reassembles your fractious interactions and app-usage into a single timeline. Instead of fragmented conversations and piled up apps, Blloc aims to focus everything into a single, present-locked scroll. A monochromatic screen reduces battery usage and keeps it simple – though you can unlock colors with a single touch, if you prefer. Return to a time when you controlled your smartphone, and not the other way around, with the BllocZero18.

Purchase: $425