Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle

Oct 31, 2016

Category: Rides

Founded in 2012 in the Netherlands, Bliss Mobil BV builds the ultimate adventure mobiles for those individuals searching for the unexplored frontier of our planet’s backcountry. They range in size and shape but all serve under the umbrella of self-containment and resilience for wherever that unmarked trail may take you.

Bliss Mobil offers five different containers suited to fit five different truck bases dependent on the buyers wants and needs. Their 20’ model, for instance, sleeps between 4-6 people while their smaller, more compact version is the ideal expedition vehicle for two. They’re extremely durable as well, built out of a steel frame and featuring high-quality monocrystalline solar panels on the roof that work to charge the container’s Lithium-ion batteries. Additional amenities include a home control system, exterior luggage carrier in the rear, a roof terrace over there main cabin, 60-liter freezer, outdoor kitchen, air conditioning, and a bathroom among many others. Additional sizing option includes an 18’, 15’ and 13’ in addition to the 20’ and 11’ containers. Prices available upon request.
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Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle 2

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle 5

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle 7

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle 6

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle 9

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle 8

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle 4

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle 3

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