Blackfire Clamplight Backpack

First off, you may have noticed that this isn’t actually a backpack. In fact it’s a flashlight, but don’t let the confusing name deter you as the Blackfire Clamplight Backpack is well worth its weight in gold.

An ample light source is a must when exploring the backcountry. This device does it better than just about anything on the market, incorporating both a flashlight and lantern into one handy device. The real selling point though comes from its ability to clamp right on to your backpack for easy carrying. Better yet, you can pretty much clamp this thing onto any surface. The multi-function LED light has three different modes including flashlight, lantern and strobe, and switching between them takes nothing more than the push of a button. The Clamplight utilizes 125 lumens during high mode, 65 lumens in low mode, and up to 75 lumens in flashlight mode, offering up a battery life ranging from 10 to 28 hours depending on usage. The ultra durable light features a polycarbonate lens, rubberized coating for additional grip, and meets IPX4 international weatherproof standard – so you don’t have to worry about Mother Nature’s wrath. It’s also water buoyant, so dropping it into a nearby stream won’t be the end of the world. [Purchase]

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