BlackFin Camper Box

Now this is camping made easy. No cumbersome assembly, worrisome packing, or risk of encountering what creeps and crawls around on the forest floor at night. No, this is the BlackFin Camper Box. The sleek-designed hard shell pop up camper tent that mounts atop the roof rack of almost any make and model vehicle and sets up in seconds.

With this camper shell, home is wherever you decide to park your car. Be it the beach, outdoor campsite, or city. And equipped with a full sized mattress, the BlackFin literally takes camping to new heights. Each product sets up in 30 seconds or less, features a wind-resistant and water-repellent canvas, sleeps two adults, and boasts easy installation. Inside the shell, there are also several organizational pockets to keep your gear in check, four windows and screens, and an overhead light. Its also comes with an adjustable aluminum ladder for easy entry and exit. Plenty of additional information can be found on their Kickstarter page where they are currently accepting reservations for the product. Prices start at $1,700. [Purchase]

BlackFin Camper Box 1

BlackFin Camper Box 2

BlackFin Camper Box 3