Black Swan Superyacht by Timur Bozca

In the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, media mogul and super villain Elliot Carver–played by Johnathan Pryce–cruised around in a fairly effective, but very unsightly stealth-boat. We can only assume he didn’t have access to Timur Bozca‘s design prowess. If he had, he would have likely ended up with something much more pleasing to look at, like the Black Swan Superyacht.

Designed for those with the most discerning appreciation for style, luxury, and by-sea travel this concept yacht features some of the most state-of-the-art technology around. The amenities include–but are not limited to–a helicopter platform on the top deck, an extended beach club with a pool, a master suite and six guest suites, four engines which can total a staggering 23,172 horsepower, and a gas tank with enough room for nearly 50,000 gallons of fuel.

Black Swan Yacht 1

Black Swan Yacht 2

Black Swan Yacht 3

Black Swan Yacht 4

Black Swan Yacht 5

Black Swan Yacht 6

Black Swan Yacht 7