BFW Makes Van Life Easy With Four Fully-Outfitted Overland Rental Platforms

Finding the time and the money to create your dream van might be a difficult task for some, but that doesn’t mean that your on-the-road lifestyle is out of reach. Thanks to companies like Black Forest Westfalias, you’ll finally be able to rent your favorite overland platform for both short and long-term trips, without having to worry about months of preparation.

Black Forest Westfalias isn’t the only company that’s doing this, but they’re certainly one of the most notable. Due to the outfit’s outstanding catalog, which features a handful of fully-equipped camper vans, the Seattle-based brand has pinged the radar for adventurers who are looking to keep their trips stress-free. You’ll be able to choose between four different layouts/types of vehicles, all of which have been updated with modern living essentials, and mechanically refurbished to keep you moving, regardless of the distance. Enhanced suspension systems, improved horsepower, and activity-inspired peripherals, including roof racks, carriers, and capable crossbars, provide the perfect foundation for your next big adventure. Head to Black Forest Westfalias’ website to check out their current rentals, which start at $195 per night.

Purchase: $195+