Black Box’s Virtual Reality Gym Will Help You ‘Level Up’ In Real Life

Working out at a large gym has always been overwhelming for individuals who err toward the less-active side of life, and the prospect of locking yourself into a membership that you might not use can make it increasingly unattractive. Luckily, the team at Black Box has created a one-of-a-kind virtual experience to address your qualms with the current system.

We all love video games, and with a handful of the industry’s leading proprietors approaching the medium’s publishers to promote a more active lifestyle, it’s no surprise that the era of fit-focused titles has taken over. But Black Box’s unique take on the genre isn’t what you think; it’s a fully-realized VR environment that helps you to work out without all of the distractions and unpleasantries of a traditional gym, allowing you to don a pair of Oculus-like goggles to promote healthy living in a fun, friendly atmosphere. With each visit, you’ll head into the company’s “Black Box,” allowing you to dive into, and dominate, the scoreboard of fast-paced games that are reliant on your real-life physique. Each 30-minute workout routine utilizes an AI-powered system that gauges your fitness levels to help you push past personal plateaus, resulting in an intuitive regimen that’s catered entirely to you. Beating your high score has never been more satisfying, and thanks to Black Box’s innovative VR gym, you’ll finally be able to level up in real life, instead of on a computer screen. Head to the company’s website for more information.

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