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Bivy’s ‘Stick’ Turns Any Smartphone Into An Off-Grid Satellite Communicator

Owning a conventional cell phone has its merits, but when it comes to off-grid adventuring, things can get a bit “spotty.” Not only do you have to worry about support in various areas of the world, but you also have to keep a watchful eye on your coverage. Now, Bivy has decided to gift contemporary phone owners with the dependability of a satellite-savvy model, without having to invest in a different platform.

The solution arrives in the form of the company’s aptly-named “Stick” — a small, ultra-compact communicator that can turn your phone into a satellite-connected model at the touch of a button. To achieve this, the Bivy Stick adopts two-way text satellite communication, allowing users to send and receive text messages where traditional phones cannot. If there’s a visible sky, Bivy’s wondrous tech accessory can keep you connected, thanks to single-location tracking and sharing, preset “check-ins,” which send programmed messages whenever you reach a specified location, and an SOS button that can be used to notify Global Rescue emergency services if things go south. Plus, the durable, IP67-rated device weighs just under 100 grams, making it the perfect packable companion for added safety and protection while out and about. The Bivy Stick is available now via the brand’s website for $350.

Purchase: $350