Bitplay Snap! 7

iPhone cameras get a lot of hype. And for the most part, they’re actually pretty good for what they are. But they’re not perfect, which is why you should consider getting Bitplay’s Snap! 7

This half-case half-camera attachment turns your phone into your primary shooter. Thanks to its modular design you can throw all types of lenses on over your phone’s main camera. We’re talking macro, wide angle, fish eye, telephoto, and even a lens hood. Along with the top notch glass, the case also is designed to protect from drops and has an integrated handle to allow for a more ergonomic grip. Want a steady shot for staging photos or shooting in low light? The Snap! 7 allows for a tripod attachment as well. Have an older generation iPhone? Not to worry. Bitplay’s cases are engineered to fit everything from the iPhone 6s to the newest iPhone 7 plus. Do the ‘gram one better.

Purchase: $50+