Biting Skull Bottle Opener

You can never own too many bottle openers. Sure, they all essentially do the same thing – but there are few pop toppers that will start a conversation quite like the Biting Skull Bottle Opener.

Each opener is hand cast from bronze, and comes equipped with 2 hard working, detailed skulls – one of which is ready to pop the top on your next bottle of booze, while the other provides a sturdy grip. The openers are made right here in the United States, and come in two different finishes including white bronze or yellow bronze. Seeing that they are handmade by the folks at Jac Zagoory Designs in New York City, you can expect a bit of variation across the board. [Purchase]

Biting Skull Bottle Opener 2

Biting Skull Bottle Opener 3

Biting Skull Bottle Opener 4