Bison Rolling Camp Grill

While we’re not opposed to cooking on a spit, there’s just something all the more satisfying about searing meat on a real grill. But it’s hard to take an unwieldy grill with us when we head out on the trails, so usually we have to settle for less than perfect. Except now we don’t, thanks to the Bison rolling grill.

Made from a teflon-coated (non-stick) aluminum, this cleverly designed BBQ-style grill actually breaks down and rolls up into a diameter of less than 2 inches – making it far more pack-friendly than just about any alternative. And even though it collapses down almost completely, the set up is simple and takes only about a minute. And while you could use the included legs to put it over your own campfire, the legs can also be left off for use on any public grills (which is far easier than having to scrape off leftover gunk and rust). The Bison rolling grill is even dishwasher safe for stress-free cleaning. You can back the project on Kickstarter right now, starting at $49.

Kickstarter: $49+