Bison Kool Tool Belt

If you put Batman and Bob Vila in a blender, you’d get… something no one would ever want to drink. But you also might get something like the Kool Tool Belt from Bison Designs.

There’s no grappling hook or Bat Shark Repellent, but you do get a plethora of handy tools, all built into the very accessory that’s keeping your pants up. The buckle features a Phillips head screwdriver; two flat head screwdrivers; standard nut wrench; metric nut wrench; bottle opener; wire strippers in three sizes; and two mini-rulers, in metric and standard flavors. Perhaps if the Dark Knight had had the Kool Tool Belt on, he’d have been able to able to quickly pop open a Sam Adams, give one to Bane, and talk over their concerns instead of resorting to violence. [Purchase]