BioLite NanoGrid

Roughing it in the wilderness is great and all, but when you’re ready to clean the massive trout you just reeled in and you can’t even see the damn thing, technology has to enter the picture. The BioLite NanoGrid is ready to help.

This is a way to get lighting and power when off the grid, with lights that are designed to be hung so your campsite can avoid pitch black status till you’re ready. The Nanogrid framework features two units, the PowerLight, a combination lantern, flashlight, and battery, and the 150-lumen SiteLight, a smaller light that can be strung together (up to four of them) to illuminate a wider area. Each SiteLight will run for up to four hours at full brightness when connected to the PowerLight (250 lumens in flashlight mode, 200 in lantern mode). The NanoGrid gets charged up via your wall outlet at home or via an external battery pack. Look for it in February at an $99 price point. [Purchase]

BioLite NanoGrid 2

BioLite NanoGrid 3