Biolite Limited Edition Black Campstove

One of the biggest downfalls of camping in today’s world is that if you’re out in the wild, there’s nowhere to plug your devices in for a quick charge. Unless, of course, you take the Biolite Limited Edition Black CampStove along with you.

This carbon neutral stove is capable of transforming fire into useful electricity, allowing you to cook your meat over a smokeless flame while you charge your smartphone or tablet. The device doesn’t give off any smoke or heat profile, making it the ultimate stealthy man’s cooker. Not only is it a highly functional campstove, but it’s one step closer to a cleaner planet, thanks to its minimal footprint. The company has only created 1,000 stoves, and each is stamped with a unique ID number. They’re available now for $130. [Purchase]

Biolite Limited Edition Black Campstove 2

Biolite Limited Edition Black Campstove 3