BioLite’s First Pro-Level 8-Mode HeadLamp 750 Can Run Forever

Once the sun goes down, lighting can make or break any outdoor excursion. Whether it’s scouting hazards on the trail or just seeing guylines at the campsite, the value of sufficient illumination cannot be overstated. And while it may be tempting to make do with any old flashlight, a good headlamp setup frees an extra hand.

Joining BioLite’s pro-line is the all-new HeadLamp 750. With eight different forward and rear lighting modes, the 750 lets you dial-in your see- and be-seen-lighting to your heart’s content. Powered by a generous 3000mAh rechargeable li-ion battery, the Headlamp 750 offers up to 150 hours of lighting available on low and 7 hours on high. Where other headlamps auto-dim for easy energy-saving, BioLite’s Constant Mode allows you to bypass this setting in favor of a steady level of brightness. Add in the HeadLamp 750’s Run Forever setting and it’ll keep truckin’ for as long as you can manage to recharge the battery — with lighting available all the while. Finally, the HeadLamp 750 comes standard with BioLite’s 3D SlimFit construction, ensuring it stays in place and bounce-free. You can purchase the HeadLamp 750 today for $100 on BioLite’s website.

Purchase: $100