BioLite Improves Its Smokeless FirePit With A Bigger Battery & Longer Burn Times

The BioLite FirePit is one of the most ingenious pieces of camping gear in existence. The portable fire pit works with both wood and charcoal, it has a system of 51 air jets that precisely stoke your flame for superior combustion, and it utilizes a USB-rechargeable battery to power a fan that virtually eliminates smoke. You’d think it couldn’t possibly get any better, but it just did with the brand new FirePit+.

The BioLite FirePit+ takes everything you love about the original FirePit and improves it. An upgraded body design radiates heat outward, making its flames more efficient when used for warmth. A new high-temperature enamel coating improves durability while also making the stove easier to clean. And the battery has been boosted to 12,800 mAh for longer burn times of 30 hours on LOW, 14 hours on MED, 7 hours on HI. Of course, you’re still getting in-app flame control via Bluetooth on your phone, X-Ray Mesh for a 360° view of your flames, and a detachable hibachi grill top that were all included with the original FirePit. The upgraded FirePit+ is available to order now from BioLite for $250.

Purchase: $250

Photo: BioLite