Biolite Cookstove

A warm breakfast and a hot cup of coffee can be game changers after a day of hiking and a cold night sleeping on the ground, but camp stoves can be cumbersome and their gas canisters leaky and bulky.

This CookStove from Biolite gives you all the utility of a regular burner, but offers a much longer run time and a simpler, sleeker design. Using an airflow system that feeds into a fuel chamber, this stove burns both wood and pellets instead of gas for a smokeless flame. You can use the CookStove to boil up some water, or just to huddle around before calling it a night. The stove runs on a fan powered by a battery pack with 30 hours of running time that can operate on four different settings; campfire, simmer, boil, and turbo. Weighing in at just 1.6 pounds, this is a great tool to carry with you on your next trip into the mountains or down to the beach. Pick one up for $100. [Purchase]

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