BioLite CampStove 2

Back in 2012, BioLite came out with a really impressive gadget; the CampStove. This little tool caught everyone’s attention because of its ability to stoke a smokeless fire via a fan system that was powered in part by a thermoelectric generator. In short, it was great. It didn’t leave a lot to be desired, but the team at BioLite decided they wanted to push the envelope even further with the CampStove 2.

Two really big things that set this camp stove apart from its counterpart is the included onboard battery and the amount of electricity it generates. The same sized fire in the CampStove 2 now generates twice the power. Not only that, but 2,600 mAh of which can be stored in an on-board battery meaning that even once the flame has gone out, you can continue to reap its benefits. Of course, outside of just powering your gadgets, this stove is designed to hook up to BioLite’s cooking attachments so you can whip up a hot meal in the backcountry. And much like a stove has different levels, the CampStove 2 operates on four different fan levels. Add one to your hiking pack for $130. [Purchase]