Binary Titanium Key Carabiner

Carabiners are a popular way to keep your keys from ending up lost on the street somewhere — but they’re not flawless.

 Iomaa, a San Diego based design company, has set out to try and improve on the everyday carry stalwart. Their new product, the Binary Titanium Key Carabiner, is designed to keep your keys secure by adding an extra gate within the body of the carabiner.

The internal gate keeps your keys in place, allowing you to clip and unclip your carabiner from your belt-loop while your key-ring says put.

 Iomaa has already blown away their KickStarter goal with over 400 backers, and expect to begin shipping in march. The carabiners are built from durable gr5 titanium, come with a built-in bottle opener and are available in three sizes; small ($48), medium ($65), and large ($82). [Purchase]