Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet

Too often folks have to chose between a solid and comfortable helmet and a helmet that looks great. It’s a false choice, really, and there is no helmet better at illustrating that point than the Biltwell Lane Splitter.

It’s an aggressive looking helmet that channels some serious Star Wars vibes with its chin-bar vents (we can’t decide, more Vader or more storm trooper?). Besides looking great, the DOT certified helmet crafted around an ABS outer shell comes with a super comfortable hand stitched interior padding, cheek pads and BioFoam lining around the chin bar. For those warmer rides, the vents at the front of the helmet and the back allow for the free flow of air so you can keep cool. The helmet even has some nice touches like a small brass peg on the left side of the shield makes for easy opening. Pick up the limited release Lane Splitter starting at $250. [Purchase]

Biltwell Land Splitter 1

Biltwell Land Splitter 2

Biltwell Land Splitter 3

Biltwell Land Splitter 4

Biltwell Land Splitter 5