Biltwell EXFIL-80 Moto Bag

Here’s the unfortunate truth: if you ride a motorcycle frequently, your bike will likely break down at some point when you’re not near a workshop. Sure, you might get lucky and that might not happen, but wouldn’t you rather be prepared? And you can be – even if you don’t ride a bulky bagger – thanks to Biltwell’s EXFIL-80.

Crafted from UV-treated 1680 ballistic polyester, this bag is built to ride on even the most minimalist of bikes while still retaining enough carry space for a full complement of tools and gear to get you through your day – even if “full complement of tools” means 80 twelve-ounce cans (yes, it can hold that many beers). It’s also water-resistant thanks to a PVC backing; has three removable reflective sissy-bar mounting straps and MOLLE webbing; and has a detachable tool pouch that holds 9 deep sockets, 7 combination wrenches, and has a small document pocket. And, if you want to take the bag off your bike and on the go, it even comes with a detachable shoulder strap. The EXFIL-80 retails for $200.

Purchase: $200