BikeParka Bicycle Cover

The ability to casually walk through a rainstorm – and not run like it’s anything more than harmless water falling on you – is part of what separates men from women. But rain on your bike? Now that is worth running for.

The BikeParka is all you need to keep your bicycle dry and clean. Each one features an elasticated bottom that provides a nice tight fit around the wheels and eyelets for ties or small locks. You can adjust the cover to fit any seat and handle bar height, and it all goes right into a durable ‘Stuff Sac’ that fits into a day pack. Made from Polyester Ripstop fabric, each cover features a polyurethane coating that makes it resistant to rain, snow and whatever else Ma Nature has up her sleeves. It’s also built with UV fabric protection, so the sun won’t dull your ride’s paint job anytime soon. [Purchase]

BikeParka Bicycle Cover 3

BikeParka Bicycle Cover 4

BikeParka Bicycle Cover 5