Big Wheel Drift Trike by SFD Industries

If “Glory Days” by Bruce Springsteen wasn’t about our time as a toddler, tearing up the driveway while topless in our Big Wheel, then we don’t know what that song is about.

Now you can reclaim your glory days with the Big Wheel Drift Trike by SFD Industries. This is a motorized Big Wheel-style tricycle for grownups. It’s also designed for stunt trike drifting, which we didn’t do much of as a 5-year-old, but that’s because Scooby was on. The chassis is CNC bent out of .095 chro-moly, with each one assembled in house. SFD builds the frame, the forks, and the handlebars. Each base trike comes with rear brakes, your choice of standard powder coat, black anodized rims, air filter & adapter, the bigrig 26”x3” front wheel, twist throttle, 6.5hp motor, seat, and grips. Options include hydraulic disc brakes, an upgraded motor, and more.

SFD Big Wheel Drift Trike 2

SFD Big Wheel Drift Trike 3