Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler

Let he who is without a secret beer stash cast the first stone – or bottle cap. No one? We thought so. Because we’re all guilty of hiding some of our most prized beverages somewhere in our homes. And now, with the help of the Biersafe, somewhere in our backyard.

That’s right. Let the Beirsafe be your home security system for keeping those specialty brews out of arms reach and buried three feet in the cold dark earth – eliminating the need for ice altogether. Each Biersafe also boasts an integrated bottle opener, is made from cast iron, and fits up to 16 of your favorite beers in its convenient cylindrical container. Hide a couple around the homestead thanks to some strategic landscaping or utilize one of their artificial grass covers for an additional fee. A smaller version is also available in case you’re a lighter drinker. No judgments here of course.

Purchase: $118