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Plan The Perfect 4×4 Adventure With BFGoodrich’s OnTrail Route Planning App

Ultimately, the success of any outdoor excursion is largely dependent upon your ability to plan and adapt accordingly — especially when it comes to powersports. Because let’s face it. Routes are often like Tinder dates: they may look like a 10 online, but when you see them in person they’re rarely as expected.

With the launch of OnTrail app, BFGoodrich wants to make sure that adventure seekers will no longer find themselves catfished by crummy conditions. Instead, they’ll have access to an extensive database of public trail information and an ever-growing online community. As such, the app will allow users to filter their routes by weather, difficulty, length, and review, ensuring that anyone can find the ideal trip for their experience level. And that’s not all: OnTrail also includes features like point-of-interest marking, photo sharing, and even an integrated mission function with achievement-based challenges. Given that the app is already this promising (and only in its first steps), we’re excited to see where it’ll go from here. Click the link below for more.

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Photo: BFGoodrich
Photo: BFGoodrich